Should Fort Wayne Soccer Moms Follow the Severe Service Schedule?

April 30, 2018

So you take your vehicle in for maintenance and the pro at Tuffy Fort Wayne - Dupont Rd. tells you that you ought to change your oil more often. What? You followed the maintenance schedule but you take a second look at that severe service schedule and see some of the following: 1. Most of your t... More

Clean Air for Your Engine: A New Engine Air Filter at Tuffy Fort Wayne - Dupont Rd.

April 24, 2018

All of us in Fort Wayne know we have to get the oil changed in our vehicles periodically. That's just part of good vehicle care. But when Tuffy Fort Wayne - Dupont Rd. technicians change your oil, they also usually inspect your air filter. That's why they sometimes let you know that your air filt... More

What to Do In Case of an Accident

April 16, 2018

If you've ever been in a vehicle accident around Fort Wayne, IN, even a minor one, you know how upsetting it can be. It's hard to think straight and know what to do.Let's review what you should do in case of an accident in Fort Wayne, IN:When an accident occurs, you should always stop. Le... More

Clean Fuel – Clean Performance for Fort Wayne Drivers

April 10, 2018

Fuel filters clean the dirt, dust and debris out of your fuel. Both gasoline and diesel-powered engines have them. The fuel filter is located in the fuel line between the fuel tank and the vehicle engine.Fort Wayne auto owners don't need to filter their fuel because it has lots of grit in... More

Good Service at Tuffy Fort Wayne - Dupont Rd. Equals Good Fuel Economy in Fort Wayne

April 2, 2018

Whether we're trying to save money, save gas or save the environment, most of us Fort Wayne drivers have an interest in decreasing fuel consumption. We've all heard about ways to save money on gas in IN, but does it really add up to much? How much can we boost our fuel economy through preventive ... More