Professional Fuel System Cleaning

February 29, 2016

Getting adequate fuel to your engine is very important for performance, fuel economy and safety. In order to accomplish this, your fuel system needs to be clean.Today's production cars have fuel injectors, rather than a carburetor. The injectors need to be cleaned from time to time in order to... More

Make Your Vehicle Last

February 28, 2016

We live in such a disposable society. It's amazing all the stuff we throw away. New stuff comes out so fast, we just toss the old and move on. In the old days, IN folks were real sticklers about taking care of their things. If something got lost or ruined by neglect, tough - they had to do wit... More

Talk To Tuffy Fort Wayne - Dupont Rd. About New Shoes For Your Vehicle

February 27, 2016

Custom wheels are one way that Fort Wayne folks express themselves and personalize their vehicle. But they aren't as cheap and easy as sticking decals on your back window. There are several factors need to be considered, including cost, the fit of the wheel, modifications that will have to be m... More

Fuel Filter Service in Fort Wayne IN

February 26, 2016

There are a surprising number of small, inexpensive parts that can lead to expensive engine damage when they fail. It doesn't seem right.Fortunately a lot of those things can be taken care of in routine maintenance. They may not be easy to remember, because it is a long list, but your service ... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Fort Wayne - Dupont Rd.: When to Replace a Damaged Tire

February 25, 2016

Repair or Replace? Thats a question Fort Wayne drivers ask when they have tire damage. Some punctures cannot be repaired because of their size or location. Punctures larger than a quarter of an inch are considered too large to be safely repaired. Punctures in the sidewall or near the shoulders ma... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Fort Wayne - Dupont Rd.: Alignment Inspection

February 24, 2016

Uneven tire wear, the car pulling to one side or a steering wheel that is off-center are signs for Fort Wayne drivers that their wheels may be out of alignment.When doing an alignment inspection, the service advisor at Tuffy Fort Wayne - Dupont Rd. will inspect your tires for uneven wear as well ... More

Clean Fuel Makes a Happy Engine In Fort Wayne, IN

February 18, 2016

If the fuel system in your SUV is dirty, you will be hurting your MPG and losing performance as you drive around Fort Wayne, IN. Unless they drive a vintage car, Fort Wayne car owners have fuel injectors which need to be properly maintained. That is why your SUV owners manua... More

Tuffy Fort Wayne - Dupont Rd. Auto Maintenance Videos: A Broken or Damaged Timing Belt

February 17, 2016

The timing belt rotates the cam shafts which open and close the valves that allow air, fuel, and exhaust to flow through the engine as it powers your auto. An old timing belt can lose a tooth in the belt allowing it to slip. The engine could stop or misfire. Timing belt slip or a broken timing... More

Clean Air for Your Engine: A New Engine Air Filter at Tuffy Fort Wayne - Dupont Rd.

February 10, 2016

All of us Fort Wayne drivers know we have to get the oil changed in our SUVs periodically. Thats just part of good car care. But when Fort Wayne service advisors change your oil, they also usually inspect your air filter. Thats why they sometimes let you know that your air filter... More