On Board Diagnostics For Your SUV

January 29, 2015

Make an appointment with Tuffy Fort Wayne - Dupont Rd. to have your on board diagnostics analyzed. 1910 W. Dupont Rd. Fort Wayne, IN 46818 260.489.4800 Today we're going to talk about on-board diagnostics and the questions we hear from folks around Fort Wayne IN who need answers ab... More

Drive Train - What You Need to Know In Fort Wayne

January 23, 2015

One Fort Wayne automotive service issue that doesn't get much attention is driveline service. Drivelines don't get talked about very much around Fort Wayne , but they're very essential. First let's define what the driveline is: Taking a small step back, the power plant is comprised o... More

Breathe Deep With Your Cabin Air Filter

January 16, 2015

Bad air quality while you're driving around Auburn is nothing to sneeze at. But seriously, more and more vehicles these days come equipped with a cabin air filter. Since they're fairly new on the scene, a lot of folks don't know about them yet. These filters clean the air in the pas... More

What Fort Wayne Automotive Service Consumers Should Know

January 9, 2015

There are some things Fort Wayne drivers should know about Fort Wayne car service and repair. First and foremost, Tuffy Fort Wayne - Dupont Rd. cares about you and your familys safety. And we really appreciate your business. Tuffy Fort Wayne - Dupont Rd. in Fort Wayne wants to buil... More